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Terms and Conditions of Engagement & Hire. 2021


Rates and Booking

  • Rates quoted are based on a 10+1 Standard working day for steadicam operator.

  • Steadicam equipment on daily hire agreement. All quotes are excluding VAT.

  • Please confirm working hours including estimated call time when booking.

  • Prep & Wrap time - For clarity 15mins of Prep and 15mins of Wrap time is given, excluding travel.

  • Additional Steadicam and Camera accessories will be an additional expense.

  • Invoice payment terms are 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

  • Any discount of 20% or more will require immediate payment.


Industry Terms followed

  • APA terms are followed for Commercial, Fashion and Music productions, (including online).

  • PACT/Bectu TV drama July 2019 agreement followed for all TV Drama.

  • PACT/Bectu Feature films agreement.



All agreements are between you The Hirer and Chestnut Films Ltd (James Chesterton).


It is a condition of the hire that your company or you provides comprehensive “all risks”, “hired in” equipment insurance to be in place for the entirety of the shoot dates (including prep, travel and de rig days).

Insurance sum assured of no less than £57,000 (excluding VAT).



Insurance policy must cover for lost, damaged and or stolen equipment and should be covered

under purposes as New for Old.


The insurance policy must also make provision for “continuing hire” charges.


Confirmation of liability insurance for James Chesterton for duration of engagement.


Evidence of your insurance policy may be required.


If you policy does not cover such requirements Chestnut Films Ltd (James Chesterton) can offer insurance cover under their own cover. This will be at a rate of £150 per day and with an excess of £500 for each claim.



Any expenses incurred during a shoot are the responsibility of the client.

We will detail all expenses in a separate section of your invoice, and will pass these on at cost.

In the case of significant expenses (whether it be crossed hired equipment, or otherwise), by which we mean expenses in excess of 50% of the invoice total, payment is required in advance.



  • Overtime is payable after the end of the agreed normal working day (10 hrs SWD or

9 hrs on a CWD unless agreed otherwise)

  • Overtime is payable in 30min increments for the 1st hour. After 1 hour it is paid hourly.

  • Overtime is based on the operator portion of the agreed rate. (50% if not specified)

  • The first hour of overtime is payable at the rate of Tx1.25 of agreed operator rate. The next two hours are at rate of Tx1.5. Further hours at rate of Tx2

  • Travel is at Tx1


Overdue payments

In these circumstances, any discount applicable to the invoice will be removed and a new invoice for the revised amount will be generated.

In line with HMRC guidance on overdue payments, without exception all overdue invoices will be subject to interest of 8% above Bank of England base rate. An administration fee will also be payable as per HMRC guidence.

In the circumstance that an invoice remains unpaid in excess of 60 days we reserve the right to pass your account to our debt collection service. Any additional costs involved in recovering overdue accounts will be passed on to the client.


Cancellation Fees

If a production is cancelled for any reason except for an event of Force Majeure the amount payable under this agreement shall be determined as follows: All seven days of the week count for the notice period. For the purpose of calculating the number of days notice given, the day on which notice is given is included but the shoot day is not.

If the period of engagement is three days or less, the cancellation fee applies to the whole engagement. If the period of engagement is more than three days, then each day is a separate engagement and the cancellation fee is calculated for each day. Build days, recce days, pre-light days, shoot days & strike days are all considered as an engagement.

7 and more days prior to the engagement – no calculation fee applies

6 – 4 days prior to the engagement – 50% of the agreed fee

3 – 2 days prior to the engagement – 75% of the agreed fee

On the day prior to the engagement – 100% of the agreed fee


Please fill out booking form to accept these terms if not already done so.

Detailed Equipment List 

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