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Geared Head Simulator

The perfect way to get practice with the feel of geared and remote heads.

Hired on a weekly basis and can be hooked up to your mac or PC usb port. 


Just hook up the interface box to your computer (MAC or PC) and start to control the camera with the balanced handwheels.
Black-tek have developed software with realistic scenarios including randomly moving objects that will challenge you even if you are an experienced operator.

Hire prices from £175 ex Vat. Minimum 7 day hire.

Getting started


MAC and PC download v2

Place the clamps on the edge of your desk about 10-15 cm apart from each other Connect the two Lemo-plugs of the wheels to the backside sockets of your Controller.

The regular layout is - Pan-Wheel on the left hand side - Tilt-Wheel on the right hand side Connect the GHS controller and your computer with the supplied USB cable.

Test the setup Your should now see the Mouse Cursor moving around the Desktop while moving the wheels. If the Cursor is not moving, check the DIP-Switch Settings on the back of your Controller. You can adjust speeds and directions of both wheels with the knobs and switches on the front of your controller.

Important note for all users who are new to wheels:


Please make sure you are using the classic Geared Head wheel setup: - Pan-Wheel on the left hand side Turning it clockwise must pan the camera to the left) - Tilt-Wheel on the right hand side Turning it clockwise must tilt the camera upwards) You can change directions on the Controller box !


In the BOX

The included clamps allow easy fixation of the wheels to tables or pipes.
The Box includes:
2 balanced hand wheel encoder
2 Universal-Clamps
1 Interface box with USB
1 USB Cable

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