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Eartec Ultralite HD

When your job calls for split second coordination look to UltraLITE self contained headsets and for hands free, full duplex wireless voice contact.

The system can allow 5 users to communicate without a base station and any loose wires, and headsets.

The UltraLITE system is simple to use and does not require a license from OFCOM. The equipment works on the license free 1.9GHz band, which avoids interference from busy 2.4GHz frequencies. 

Set of 5 person headsets ​

1 Master and 4 remote headsets, 10 batteries and charger

Available on weekly hire.

Prices from £350 per week (exc. VAT and delivery)

Geared Head Simulator

The perfect way to get practice with the feel of geared and remote heads.

Just hook up the interface box to your computer USB port (MAC or PC) and start to control the camera with the balanced hand wheels.

Available on a weekly hire.

Prices from £120 per week (exc. VAT and delivery)